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FCA seeks to engage, equip and encourage coaches to grow in their faith and become transformational in how they coach their athletes and influence other coaches.


CHARACTER COACHES are an extension of the FCA Campus and Community Ministry. They are led by an FCA volunteer or staff member.  A Character Coach can serve any athletic team on campus or in the community.  They work in conjunction with the coach to schedule regular times to provide CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and also can provide a team devotional and/or Bible Study that has voluntary player attendance.

If you are a COACH that would like a CHARACTER COACH, or if you are a volunteer who would like to learn more about this very effective program, please contact us!


  • Pair up with a local sports team to PRAY for & ENCOURAGE athletes, coaches & their families &SUPPORT staff.
  • BE AVAILABLE & equipped to assist in crisis situations.
  • PROVIDE training & resources for character development & life management skills.
  • COORDINATE special ministry/outreach events.

Coaches: If you are interested in FCA placing a character coach with your program please email Kasey Dougherty

Others: If you are interested in serving as an FCA character coach with a local athletic team please fill out the Volunteer Form